Convertible: depending on what you want and the weather, the ventec can be closed or driven as an open convertible. Weighing only 650g, the soft top can be pushed open and closed or rolled up and stowed in the vehicle.

Visibility: the lighting elements can be seen from afar due to their high position - the headlight illuminates the road very well.

Forward visibility is unusually good thanks to the tall headlight and compact front end.

The field of vision remains 100% intact thanks to the flat A-pillars and the distance between the eyes.

The ventilation ensures a clear view in every situation. Used air is sucked out directly and effectively through the perforated seat - clothes and back stay dry.

Ergonomics: the low-lying seat ensures excellent road holding and offers space for people from 1.50m - 1.95m tall.

Luggage: thanks to the generous luggage volume, large purchases or holiday luggage can be optimally accommodated in the cabin.

Interior: the integrated rear-view mirrors, which can be adjusted from the inside, generate no air resistance. Smartphone, sound and ventilation are optimally placed.

Aerodynamics: the shape of the body and the ventilation system were developed through tests in the wind tunnel. The streamlined shape and the small frontal area lead to a CwA value of 0.047m2.

Material: without electric support and with weight-optimized components, the ready-to-drive ventec weighs only 26kg and is therefore in the weight range of carbon velomobiles.

The components of the ventec are safe and proven parts from well-known manufacturers and can be ordered over the Internet.

The blueprint contains everything you need for successful construction: illustrated construction instructions, 1:1 cutting patterns and a complete list of materials for all components.