Blueprint velomobile ventec

Instructions and the pattern in 1: 1 original scale.

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Do it yourself blueprint Velomobile ventec - lightweight body made of plywood


With this blueprint you can build a self-supporting velomobile body out of plywood. Thanks to the imagery, the building instruction is internationally understandable. Affiliated information is provided in english and german.


To build the body you need 4 plywood panels 2500x1250x3 mm, a polycarbonate pane 1000x1500x1 mm and 1 meter of aluminum tube 50x50x2 mm.


The ventec velomobile is compatible with proven and safe components of bicycle and velomobile technology. The components can be installed precisely in the correct position through the predefined holes in the body. The components can be ordered over the Internet. You can find a list of the suitable components in the construction plan.


The material costs for the ready-to-drive velomobile total around € 2400. Electric assistance is available from around € 600.


The construction time for the finished velomobile is approx. 4 - 5 weeks. As a buyer of the construction plan, you will receive support at any time by email or phone. Under "SUPPORT" on the sitko-velo website you will also find current information and tips on building.


The ventec velomobile is suitable for people between 1.5 and 1.95 m tall.


Item Features:


● Instructions on 45 pages

● Pattern in original size

● High quality paper 80 g / m²

● Precise laser printing

● 13 sheets in A0 format

● Support by email & phone

● Support via website