Is this DIY project suitable for me?


If you enjoy  handcraft, if you have good technical knowledge and experience in working with wood, plastic and metal: Yes! You should also be familiar with the subjects of "velomobile" and "bicycle mechanics". 

How much time do I need for the finished body?


This is very different and the development process also takes time. If you take it easy, you will have more joy and the result will be better. A period of 4 weeks for the finished body is realistic.

How high are the material costs for a finished agilo?


Material for the painted body including windows: ca. 500 €

Basic equipment with bicycle and velomobile components: ca. 1800 €

Electric assistance: ca. 1000 € 

How much does the finished wooden body weigh?


That depends on the plywood used and the processing. Under 15 kg is possible.

Which kind of plywood can i use?


The plywood must meet 3 conditions:

1. Panel format at least 1220 x 2500 mm

2. Material thickness 3 mm

3. Number of layers: 3


With a density of 350 - 410 kg / m3, poplar and ceiba are the lightweights among plywood, okume is approx. 20% heavier, but also correspondingly more stable. The strength of the different types of wood is  quite exactly proportional to the density (20% more weight = 20% more strength). The same applies to the hardness of the material and thus its machinability. A mix of different types of plywood can be useful in order to combine the respective advantages.

Why plywood with 3mm thickness?


Because a large wall thickness has particular strengths: high  rigidity, the surfaces is better, dampened vibration, better protection against heat and cold, better dimensional stability (dents, warpage, wobbling), better correction options (grinding), larger adhesive surfaces (transmission of forces).

Can I use plywood thickness other than 3mm?


no, because the construction is based on 3 mm plywood. With other material thicknesses, the parts would not fit together. Thicker material cannot be bent as required. Aside from flexibility, thinner material only has disadvantages (see above).

What do I need to build?


A room of around 12 square meters would be sufficient, something the size of a garage would be ideal. The tools you need: Jigsaw, cordless screwdriver, drill, pattern wheel, cutter, tape measure, angle, screw clamps, clamps, sanding block or hand grinder, sandpaper, precision saw, metal saw, flat file, paint roller, workbench, two trestles and a mounting plate approx. 2.20 mx 80 cm.

Which working steps are involved?


You have to: draw, cut, drill, grind, soak, bend, glue, filler, paint, assemble.

Main dimensions

Main dimensions velomobile agilo
Main dimensions velomobile agilo

turning circle diameter = 7.4 m